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New Year's Carbine/Pistol match/ shoot-offs!

Bring in the new year with a carbine pistol match, and man-on-man shoot-offs!

3 stages, roughly 100 rounds each gun. NO STEEL CORE AMMO!

There will also be shotgun optional targets if you want to turn this into a 3-gun match! Note: Shotgun is NOT required for this match.

Registration starts at 0900, shooters meeting 0930. Shootoffs start as soon as stages are complete (and are rifle/pistol only). (3 photos)
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2 days ago

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Nate HeldIs the shotgun range open tomorrow?1 day ago
Kerry EddyIs this match tomorrow, 12-27-14 or next Saturday, 1-3-15?2 days ago
Michael MaiaticoRather do a 2 gun2 days ago
Parker HaslamJed Hirschi2 days ago   ·  1
Michael MaiaticoOk1 day ago
Kerry EddyThanks!2 days ago
Michael MaiaticoHow about something like this in fredericksburg Clay Klemm ?2 days ago

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Post-Christmas Carbine Clinic!

Did you unwrap a shiny new AR, SCAR or other Modern Sporting Rifle yesterday? Come out tomorrow and get some training with it!



Start time: Tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 27th, 10:00 AM

Expect to end around 3pm.

You will need a carbine, approximately 300 rounds of ammo, at least 2 magazines and a magazine pouch.

This will be a basic carbine operations class, topics will include deliberate loading, stance, grip, reloads and position shooting. There will be a portion devoted to accessories/carbine setup.


Tactical Performance Center instructor and USMC Infantry veteran Taylor Bunting.

3-Gun Nation Pro Shooter, USPSA Grandmaster, TPC instructor Brian Nelson (2 photos)
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2 days ago

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Gino ChristianHow much? Location?2 days ago
Alan EricksonNope but I got a B-Square scope mount for my M1 Garand. Sometimes old stuff is fun too. Now to find a vintage scope that doesn't break the bank.2 days ago   ·  2
Matthew WatrousI would like to do the next one like this, but would be more comfortable with my 83' Bulgarian, I'll bring 2 mags,USMC 1987-921 day ago
John KislingerPlease reserve a place for me if 1 is available, John Kislinger2 days ago

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Merry Christmas!
Reminder that we are open Christmas Day from 10 til 3 so you can shoot your Christmas guns!
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4 days ago

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Donovan MontrossI get to sleep in?! Yay!4 days ago   ·  1

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Reminder: Christmas Eve Stress Relief Pistol Party match, this afternoon!

Registration is at 2:00, first shots at 2:30

4 stages, round counts from 32-44 rounds/stage. Format will be like USPSA, but with a twist!

Also, be sure and bring some gifts for the gift exchange!
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4 days ago


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45ACP High Capacity Springfield Armory pistol for Sale

45acp 001


Springfield Armory .45 High Cap

S&A mag-well

Ed Brown High Rise Beaver Tail

STI trigger (2-2.5 LB pull)

STI Rear adjustable sight

Dawson Precision Optical Front Sight (dove tailed fitted)

Kart National Match Barrel with National Match bushing

Lowered ejection port

3 Mec-Gar Mags with Dawson Precision extended tool-less base pads (16 rounds)

Gun never fired

Gun built by Barlow Custom Guns (Salt Lake City)


Contact Gary Powell

Prefer email

Or text 435-773-2076

No phone calls initially, his job doesn’t permit phone calls.

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Pistol Match, Saturday, 0800

First shots, 0800. Register, 0730.

5 stages, about 135-145 rounds.


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Pistol Match, Saturday, 0800 start

What: 6 stage pistol match
When: 0730 register, 0800 first shots, this Saturday

Round count… tbd, but probably in the 150 range.


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Next Match: 15 March 2014

Register: 0830
Start: 0900

As is our tradition, in this great weather, the stages get bigger and more fun!

Round count at 142.  There will be no shoots, hard cover, far shots, near shots, and decisions to confound the shooter.  Stage instructions and Numbers are posted on each stage.

The gully stage is spread out and somewhat athletic.

Stage 1, Bay 7:  24 rounds, 12 metric targets + no shoots
Stage 2, Bay 8:  30 rounds, 15 metric targets + no-shoots
Stage 3, Bay 9:  28 rounds, 8 metric targets, 12 pepper poppers + no-shoots
Stage 4, Bay 10:  The Gully, 24 rounds, 12 metric targets + no-shoots
Stage 5, Bay 12:  Classifier 99-11, El Presidente, 12 rounds, 3 metric targets.
Stage 6, Bay 13:  (narrow bay) 24 rounds, 12 IPSC Classic (turtle) targets, plus no-shoots

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Next Match: Sat 0900

We will have our next pistol match on Saturday. 0815 register. 0900 first shots.

The weather forecast is iffy… so please check the website to look for changes.

6 stages, largely derived from the Dixie Cup stages.


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Dixie Cup 2014


We sure appreciate you coming and hope you had a great time!

The final scores can be seen here:

Bob Krogh won the shoot-off afterwards, winning  1000 rounds of D.O.A. ammunition 9mm.
Here is an aerial photo of the going ons today:

A reminder that our next big match is the first weekend of April. It is a 12 stage, 1.5 day all steel fest, sponsored by Berry’s Manufacturing. It will have dedicated ROs, 4 stages like our all steel Dixie Cup stage 8 (sans Dixie Cups), 4 stages of par-time steel, and 4 bays doubled of the complete Steel Challenge suite of stages. 
Sign up at:

Please share with your friends and clubs.

Thanks to our helpers

Big kudos to Jon Christensen and Denny Struss for designing our Dixie Cup 2014 stages. Jon is an original member of our club, and Denny a newcomer. Good job!

Also, special thanks to Bob Wolf, Brian Hess, and Eric and Linda Stidham, for building our shoot-off stage today.


Ken N.

Match Director
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Reminder: Annual Club Meeting 6PM Thu

Currently planned for Berry’s Pavillion 6pm @ the Range. We will make adjustments if wind drives us away.
You can join/renew prior (5PM on).  The cost is $10.  Note this is a meeting of the members of the non-profit Southern Utah Practical Shooters. The main purpose is to elect officers and conduct other business as the quorum requires.

Current Officers:

Ken Nelson, President
Jeff Bailey, VP
Bob Wolf, Treasurer/Secretary
Jim Meade, Board Member
Chad Larsen, Board Member

All current board members and officers wish to run again, except for Chad Larsen. Chad has been elected President of the Dixie Desperado’s cowboy club. We wish Chad the best!  Fortunately, he has no plans to give up Practical Shooting!   Glen Wong has expressed interest in running for that seat. And of course anybody in good standing is welcome to run for any office.  The by-laws do require board members to become USPSA RO certified within the year they serve.

Elected officers will then continue executing our three fold mission:

  • promote practical shooting
  • promote shooting education
  • support and defend the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution

After the meeting, the Competition Clinic scheduled will take place.


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Dixie Ciup Build help welcome this week

Jon & Denny will lead the build 0900 to 2PM daily.

Help welcome. Not a lot of building, more target movement and placement.

RSVP if you can assist.


Ken N.

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Match Results: 15 Feb 2014

Very large turnout yesterday – awesome!

Thanks to Jeff Bailey as MD!

And special thanks to Denny Struss and Jon Christensen for setting up this match.

The multiple personalities (or Divisions) of Vegas shooter John McClain won the top 3 spots of this Special Classifier. (-:

Next up this week, Tuesday Night Steel, and then the Dixie Cup!


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