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The team melee stage for tomorrow. Your team lines up wherever they like and shoots all the targets down or over as fast as they can at the same time. Two people can take one spinner, and other strategies, might be worked out. Super fun! ... See MoreSee Less

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Team Relay Steel Match - Super fun!
What: Team Relay and Melee Steel Match
When: Saturday @ 2PM (register 1:30 on)
What: See the video. It's crazy fun! (this is from our Berry's Steel Open)
Cost: $5 per team member

Form 2 to 10 person teams and shoot 2 types of stages. The relay shown in the video, where you shoot in sequence. And a melee stage where 40 to 60 targets are out there and your team shoots them all down at the same time.

You can be on more than one team. Come solo and we will find a good team for you! Or bring your friends, or family, or shooting buddies.

Each stage has a set number of targets that must be shot 10 times. So in a 10 person team, each person shoots once. In a 2 person team, each 5 times. Got it? Simple, and CRAZY fun. There is little to no reset. And since you can be on more than one team, you get as much shooting as you want.

All guns are staged on a table. Ammo there if you don't have a belt as well. Then "beep" and off to the races. Simple. Fun. And addictive.

Legal guns are any centerfire pistol or pistol caliber carbine. If your gun, for instance, a lever action western gun only holds 10, feel free to stage 2 guns, or 3. Whatever you need.

We REGULARLY do this with total beginners. Just did yesterday, in fact, with our corporate event. So if you centerfire pistol or carbine, and 100 rounds of ammo - come out, this is a GREAT way to have fun at the range.

See you tomorrow
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Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range added 2 new photos.

For the next two Saturdays our matches will start at 2PM. The Team Match tomorrow due to predicted heavy rain in the AM. The USPSA match on 1st Saturday of May (7th), due to road closings caused by the Ironman.

So in summary:

Team Match, 4 stages + melee - 2pm tomorrow
USPSA Match, 5 stages + classifier - 2pm May 7

There won't be a Sunday team match schedule. And the USPSA match continuing Sunday schedule on 8 May will return to 0830 registration start.
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1 day ago

We ran a corporate event for a local investment firm today. 40 people shot all sorts of guns, including machine guns in the shoot house, and team relay shooting races. Fun was had, customers were made happy. This beats falling backwards trust exercises doesn't it??? ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Did you know you have one of the BEST ranges in the USA right here in Southern Utah? And that it is open every day? And works off donations? Come shoot! ... See MoreSee Less

Some sample drone footage from the UPOA video filming at Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range in Southern Utah.

2 days ago

You may be wondering... what is this team thing? 4 x this. Notice the laughing and fun!

Come on out Saturday. No holster is needed. Just bullets and a couple magazines. Pistol or Pistol Caliber Carbine. Each team will run each stage twice and take their best score.

You can be a 2 person team to a 10 person team and you can be on more than one team, and shoot more than one gun. This is just TOO MUCH fun, until you do it you don't know.
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3 days ago

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Southern Utah Practical Shooting RangeNote that the start time is 2PM saturday to miss hard morning showers

22 hours ago

Brett A. ThomasSeems like this might be more fun if the teams were organized to be of similar skill levels so that this was more of a competition.

3 days ago

Mel HewittI would be open to do this but need a team. How many rounds are needed?

23 hours ago

Megan ThomasAnd you can have an IV done by me!!! ...please

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Roman BurkeRace Bannon would this be something you'd be interested in?

2 days ago   ·  1

Dustin WilliamsThat looks fun.

1 day ago   ·  1

Jeremy GarnerJake Garner lets try this

2 days ago

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Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range added 3 new photos.

Start time: 0900 or 4PM (if raining - will announce tomorrow)

Team match featuring:

- 4 stages, each 60 rounds
- 3 all steel relay stages (shoot in sequence)
- 1 melee (shoot at same time)
- teams from 2 to 10 people
- you can be on more than one team
- organize your teams and show up
- come solo

This is about FUN and based on our team relay events at Hard as Hell, Berry's and Dixie Cup matches, we KNOW it will be huge fun.

So come out and give it a try.
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3 days ago

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Help Wanted this Thursday morning

We are hosting a local company for a shooting day as part of their conference. They will bring about 40 people out. We will do various shooting things and instruction.

If you can assist Thursday 0900 til sometime past noon, we would welcome the help! Message below or email kn@kennelson.com

We will need people to monitor safety and act as assistant instructors (like Wednesday night).
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4 days ago

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Eric SixI'll be there.

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Saturday....Saturday.........Saturday...... "Mayhem" ....yes folks its here again...........!!!! This "Saturday Mayhem" match will be the "First EVER Team Event"..........4 stages - high round count, Tag-Team run n' gun........... !!!! So what is this about - you ask...?? Well Sparky..........think of the Squad shoot offs we have had in the BIG Bay.............and we jus do it on every stage............ta da...... group Mayhem at it's finest.......;-) This is a "First Ever" folks.........ya don't want ta miss it....... be well n' play nice.........Bob Wolf
PS: More details to follow.
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4 days ago

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Tuesday Night Steel! April 26, 2016
Start time: 3:00 pm
Last Registration: 6:00pm
Shoot with: Handgun, Carbine, .22 Rifle
Round Count: 99
Gun Guidelines:
Handgun: 22LR, 9mm, 40S&W, 45
Carbine: Pistol caliber (22LR, 9mm, 40S&W, 45)
Check in to register with range staff BEFORE you go to your first stage.
Special Note Regarding Brass: This is not a lost brass match so please feel free to pick up your brass or an equivalent number of brass that you shot. Please leave the rest for the range staff.
When you check in with Range Manager, pay your $10 match fee and they will squad you iPads and timers will be at each stage (they stay
on the stage and do not travel with the squad) When your squad gets to the stage confirm that the iPad is on the correct stage, select your
squad If a squad member is missing, sync with the MASTER iPad only. Please DO NOT enter names yourselves on the Stage iPads.
After you shoot, CONFIRM that your time has been recorded
Several Items to Note:
▪ Juniors shoot free
▪ 1st time to TNS? Match fee is $5 . Please see Match Director for mandatory safety briefing.
Please spread the word about SUPS and TNS! We would love to get more shooters out! Arrive prepared with your gun oiled and magazines preloaded. Expect to shoot right AFTER you sign in. If you are a new shooter to TNS, please see one of the TNS Match Directors for the mandatory safety briefing.
Your Dedicated Match Directors,
Glen Wong, Chris Bain, Kimber Dunn, Kent Forbush, Tyler Forbush
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5 days ago

Congrats to the Match winners and to everyone who came out for the SUPS Black Rifle match
1st overall/tactical : Sam Travis
High Senior : Glen Wong
High LE : Kyle Little
High Super Senior : Dave Wheeler
High Lady : Linda Stidham

Open winner : Max Plank
PCC : Mark Armstrong

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5 days ago

We hosted 35 folks from Europe a few weeks ago, this is a fun video compilation of their visit. ... See MoreSee Less

7 days ago

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Looking for something fun to shoot this weekend? It's time for another SUPS Black Rifle Match!

Four exciting stages will test your speed and accuracy. This match is PCC friendly so bring out that new gun you have been waiting to try! No shots over 100y, red dots and iron sights are fully competitive.

April 23 - 24
Located at the SUPS range, less than two hours from Las Vegas in St. George, UT. The mecca of practical shooting.



Check in starts at 8 AM, first shots fired at 8:30

Four stages
All rifle
120 rds
Come shoot Saturday or Sunday morning, or both!
$15 entry
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1 week ago

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