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The weather clears out tomorrow, so it should be a great weekend!

Rimfire Rifleman starts at 10:30 on Sat or Sun. MD Brian Hess laid out a terrific course of fire. Any .22 rifle, max rounds per stage is 12, 50 rounds total. Sight in from 0900 on, registration opens at 10. You an shoot Sat, Sun, or both!

Also, we have plenty of room for our Match Staff training class. This will teach you how to help us run events - from match build, thru match support, and running shooters safely. We will use the new classroom! (2 photos)
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1 day ago

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Mikal MahoneyWill you be selling boxes of .22? if so how much?1 day ago

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Rimfire Rifleman
The match for anybody with a .22 rifle! Now in our new dual weekend format - 10:30AM Sat and/or Sun. Shoot it once, shoot it twice! This is a hunting simulation match, suitable for family and friends. Sight in from 0900 on, register at 10AM, start having fun at 10:30.

Questions? PM or comment.
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2 days ago

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Bret ParkerI still have the the top one. I started with the TargetMaster19 hours ago   ·  1

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Reminder... RSVP for SUPS RO Class this Saturday. Right now it's looking light...

Congratulations and thanks are in order to Mark Armstrong, our Senior Range Manager on the excellent refurb he's done on our new classroom building. Saturday will be the first full use of it. It looks unrecognizable from it's original setup and appearance. Nice job Mark!
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2 days ago

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Shirley SolomonWhat is RO traning?2 days ago
Jeremy Stoveris this a USPSA RO training? or just RO Training?2 days ago
Michael MaiaticoWish I was closer I'd help anytime2 days ago   ·  1
Sheri GrantMark is a stud. And this is my RSVP for Saturday :)2 days ago   ·  2
Southern Utah Practical Shooting RangeMark, you are AWESOME! :)2 days ago   ·  1
Southern Utah Practical Shooting RangeSherry I am out and about right now I will check email when I get back to a pewter2 days ago
SheriDawn Whitney NeilsonKen did you get my email?2 days ago
Kent ForbushBOOOYA Mark!!!! Thanks for your hard work.2 days ago
Bob WolfYes Mark............great job.............2 days ago
Jeff DraneyThanks Mark, hope I can get the chance to use it soon.2 days ago

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Trying to get a handle on who is coming to the SUPS RO Class this Saturday.

If you are coming, please RSVP in message or comments.

To remind, this is local training on how we run events. You will learn:

- match structure/organization
- what jobs there are, what they do
- how to run shooters as an RO
- how to run a stage as an RO/CRO
- using a rulebook (any rulebook)
- when to make a call, when to not, when to ask

There will be live fire excercises, so if some bring pistol, (and rifle/shotgun), we will run stages and see how to do it live.

If you are working 3GN Match, Berry's Match, or just want to learn how to help the club, please attend. No cost. Just your time and attention welcome.

0900 til probably 3PM. Breakfast snacks, and lunch, provided.
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3 days ago

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Jessica RubottomIs this something Tyler Rubottom should attend?3 days ago
Drew WhitingI'll be there.3 days ago   ·  1
Cynthia CroftsI will be there!!2 days ago
Tyler Job CookYep.2 days ago
Bob WolfI will b there................3 days ago
Eric StidhamI'll be there.3 days ago
Joshua CookI'll be there. Tyler Job Cook?3 days ago

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Another great Wed Handgun Mastery! (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Tuesday Night Steel results for January 27th are posted>
Donovan Montross- Overall, limited, Production
Mike Workman-SS,
Jeremy Dunn-High Law Enforcement
Dawn Derlighter- High lady, Top Senior
Brian Nelson- Top Junior

See you all at the next TNS match!

Your dedicated match directors,
Glen Wong, Chris Bain , Kimber Dunn (4 photos)
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4 days ago

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TNS Stages for Tonight
Weather report shows sunny and a high of 63. Fun starts @ 3:00 and squads will be starting until 6:00. Get out and shoot! (4 photos)
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5 days ago

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We are hosting the Utah Peace Officer's Association annual conference multigun match. MD Jeremy Dunn will be out putting together stages tomorrow and Wed from 0900 til dark. He'd welcome help if you are able to come out. RSVP rough times you can be there in PM or comment.

This is something we do at very low cost for the association. The match doesn't have budget for inmate or other paid help. So we'd welcome volunteers!


Ken N.
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5 days ago

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Sheri GrantI can help with anything as soon as I get out there Wednesday...after work :/4 days ago   ·  1
Scott SolinkoI'll be there all day Wednesday.5 days ago   ·  1

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This week:

- Range opens every day 9AM. Closes dusk (3pm Sun).
- Tuesday Steel. Start any time from 3PM to 6PM.
- Wed Handgun Mastery - 6PM
- Saturday - Match Staff/Volunteer Training, 0900 (2/3rd day)
- Sat/Sun - Rimfire Rifleman. 10:30 each day. Shoot once or twice.
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5 days ago

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Mikal MahoneyHey there! I've seen a few of your post about the rimfire matches. Im interested in attending. But I'm new to the match/range environment? How would I go about getting involved?2 days ago

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The Stage is Set are You!

Tuesday Night Steel!

Come out and have fun shooting these fast paced stages. Bring 150 rounds (match will require <100, but 150 will allow you to reshoot as necessary, participate in an after match drill/challenge, or to reshoot stages after the regular match).
Check in to register with range staff BEFORE you go to your first stage.
Special Note Regarding Brass: This is not a lost brass match so please feel free to pick up your brass or an equivalent number of brass that you shot. Please leave the rest to the range staff.
When you check in with Range Manager, pay your $10 match fee and they will squad you

iPads and timers will be at each stage (they stay on the stage and do not travel with the squad)
When your squad gets to the stage confirm that the iPad is on the correct stage, select your squad
If a squad member is missing, sync with the MASTER iPad only. Please DO NOT enter names yourselves on the Stage iPads.
After you shoot, CONFIRM that your time has been recorded

Several Items to Note:
* Juniors shoot free
* 1st time to TNS? Match fee is $5
* Only the first time through score will be recorded as match score. If you want to shoot it a second time, please be sure there is not a long list of shooters and shoot it after you complete all stages. Do not delay your squad

Please spread the word about SUPS and TNS! We would love to get more shooters out! Start time is targeted for 3:00pm, but if the stages are ready before then, you may shoot then. Arrive prepared with your gun oiled and magazines preloaded. That will save you time to gear up and you can start shooting that much faster. Expect to shoot right AFTER you sign in. If you are a new shooter to TNS, please see one of the TNS Match Directors for mandatory safety briefing.

The cost for the event is $10. Additional donations to the range are welcome and help to support matches like these and other community service events.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you would like to be added to the email distribution list, please send an email to:

Your dedicated TNS Match Directors, Glen Wong, Chris Bain, Kimber Dunn (3 photos)
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6 days ago

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