Don't forget to post your squad photos so we can add them to the Dixie Cup album! We are glad everyone had a good time, and want you all back for the next one. ... See MoreSee Less

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Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range added a new photo to the album: 2016 SUPS Dixie Cup.

Tactical performance center competition handgun boot camp squad photo from Dixie Cup
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Thanks to all who helped build and run our club championship - The Dixie Cup. And to those who came and shot it with us. 123 of you!

Congrats to our winners:

Limited -- Bob Krogh
Open -- Bob Krogh
Production -- Brian Nelson
Limited 10 -- Jimmy Ramirez
Single Stack - Jhay Chua

1st Lady - Jalise Williams (over sister Justine by .05 points of 1200!)
1st Junior - Jake Mequia
1st Senior - Ron Avery
1st Super Senior - Rick Hebert

All the results can be seen here:


Next up... UPOA Law Enforcement Multigun Championship in a couple weeks and the Taran Tactical Innovations Zion Classic in March.
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23 hours ago

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Nils JonassonBob Krogh is looking good.

22 hours ago   ·  2

Bob KroghSpecial thanks to all those who made this match a great success. Ken Nelson and crew always go above and beyond.

20 hours ago   ·  3

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An family uses one of our automatic throwers this n morning. If you want to Su this just ask at the pro shop. We have 6 of them. ... See MoreSee Less

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Josh HarringtonDo you need to dress in a robe to use the throwers?

1 day ago

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SUPS Event for the Week: February 8-15

Tuesday: Tuesday Night Steel. Register 3:00pm-5:00pm.
Shoot Pistol, .22, Carbine

Wednesday: No Handgun Mastery clinic this week
Wednesday Clinics are normally held on the 1st and
3rd Wed of the month

Friday: Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun “Intro to Multi-gun Competition”
(focus on rifle shooting) 3:00pm-5:30pm
Normal Schedule of Friday Events (pending no schedule
1st and 3rd Friday: Handgun “Intro to Competition” and
“Practice with a Pro”
2nd Friday: Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun “Intro to Multi-gun
Competition” (focus on rifle shooting)
4th Friday: Rifle “Intro to Carbine” and “Practice With A Pro”

Saturday/Sunday: 3-Gun match Register 9:30am, first shots

Public Shooting:
Please note that we are open to the public, 7 days a week.
Hours are Monday through Sunday 10am-2pm. Pistol/Shotgun only. The 100 yard bay is closed. Check in with Range Staff upon arrival.
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Tuesday Night Steel! February 9, 2016

Start time: 3:00 pm
Last Registration: 5:00pm
Shoot with: Handgun, Carbine, .22 Rifle
Round Count: 94

Gun Guidelines:
Handgun: 22LR, 9mm, 40S&W, 45
Carbine: Pistol caliber (22LR, 9mm, 40S&W, 45)
Check in to register with range staff BEFORE you go to your first stage.
Special Note Regarding Brass: This is not a lost brass match so please feel free to pick up your brass or an equivalent number of brass that you shot. Please leave the rest for the range staff.
When you check in with Range Manager, pay your $10 match fee and they will squad you iPads and timers will be at each stage (they stay
on the stage and do not travel with the squad) When your squad gets to the stage confirm that the iPad is on the correct stage, select your
squad If a squad member is missing, sync with the MASTER iPad only. Please DO NOT enter names yourselves on the Stage iPads.
After you shoot, CONFIRM that your time has been recorded
Several Items to Note:
▪ Juniors shoot free
▪ 1st time to TNS? Match fee is $5 . Please see Match Director for mandatory safety briefing.
Please spread the word about SUPS and TNS! We would love to get more shooters out! Arrive prepared with your gun oiled and magazines preloaded. Expect to shoot right AFTER you sign in. If you are a new shooter to TNS, please see one of the TNS Match Directors for the mandatory safety briefing.
Your Dedicated Match Directors,
Glen Wong, Chris Bain, Kimber Dunn, Sam Travis
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Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range at Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range.

13 year old Jake Mequia of Las Vegas attacks stage 1 of our club championship match The Dixie Cup.

Shooting continues today at 9am with room available for walkons.
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Drew FirstBloodWatch out for that TPC class... I hear they got some new dominating skills to unleash on them stages💥💥🔫😎

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Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range added 7 new photos to the album: 2016 SUPS Dixie Cup. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Don't forget to upload your Dixie Cup photos to this page! ... See MoreSee Less

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Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range at Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range.

Our club championship, the Dixie Cup, starts tomorrow. The range is open as normal. But you will see cars for 130 other shooters in the parking lot.

If you shoot TNS or USPSA or Multi-Gun, we are light a few score keepers. So if you want to come out and help run an iPad and score it would appreciated. Just message or comment.

If you ever wondered what practical shooting was about, some of the best in the country will be competing for our club championship. That's one of the perks of having one of the best facilities in the country! Watching is free, but be careful... you might get hooked!

Eye protection and ear protection lending available, just ask at the pro shop.
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Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range added 2 new photos.

At our Wednesday Handgun Mastery Clinic last night, we had a good turn out of 10 brave souls willing to ignore the bitter cold. Shows their determination in wanting to be better shooters. They all left with smiles being more safety conscious, and a little mo' betta with the fundamentals :)

Clinics are normally held every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, pending events that may pull instructors. Watch our Facebook page for announcements.

If you want to learn how to shoot better through proven fundamentals, then enter the competition shooting realm, this is the first step. Next steps are more advanced clinics on Friday, then Tuesday Night Steel!
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Ann HuntingtonAwesome program--even in the cold weather! There is always more to learn and love the "support for the sport" that's provided here! If only I lived closer....

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Handgun Mastery Wed
Tonight: 6PM
Start in the classroom, then out to the Berry's Pavillon to shoot.

Instructor: Ken N.
Course: First Steps on the Path to Handgun Mastery

This is for anybody who wants to get on the path to being safe and very competent with a handgun. Whether for defense, fun, or sport, this is where it all starts. All skills welcome. Even if you have shot for years, you will learn something.

Suggested donation: $10 (goes to the range)


Pistol (.22 or centerfire)
150 rounds

We can lend a .22 if needed, just RSVP.
Bring your own eye protection/ear protection if you have it. If not, we have them to lend.

RSVP's welcome so we can allocate the right number of assistant instructors.
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5 days ago

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Derek BirdCan anyone come to this class? And just to make sure we can bring any caliber pistol?

5 days ago

Brian 'woody' SwearingenWish we were in town

5 days ago

Shaun BarneyWhere is this located and do you do this all year?

5 days ago

Tim TomlinsonAwesome course. Wish I could make it tonite. Will be there next time. 1st & 3rdwed?

5 days ago   ·  1

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Wed Handgun Master Clinic
6PM to 8:45 or 9.

As a reminder, we are changing things up a bit for 2016.

- Wed is just Intro to Handgun (to maximize our instructors)
Intermediate and Advanced have moved to Friday

- Just those with a serious long term interest in shooting

Over the last couple years we've noticed a trend where the clinic is more of a "ladies night out" type event. We enjoyed this, but over time we realized these ladies (and some men) were just out to kill time, not to develop skills with a handgun, or start on the path to mastery.

We aren't going to ask... you should ask yourself. What is your intent? Are you serious?

Like Joann was? She's shown below 1.5 years after her first clinic. You don't have to want to compete. She started with a serious desire for self-defense. She moved to competition once she realized it was fun and would ensure she kept her skills improving.

So if you want to develop competence with a handgun, and perhaps eventually mastery, this is your first step. But it won't be your last. We will be there, with you and for you, all the way.


Ken Nelson
Southern Utah Practical Shooters

P.S. This doesn't mean we are getting out of the educate the public on shooting and safety. Just that we are refocusing this class on path to excellence while coming up with safey and intro options.
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Reminder... if you are already a USPSA RO, this is your next step.

Sat Feb 27
No cost, and we even cater it!

Register here:

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