3gun match is still on! Shooting from Pavillon ... See MoreSee Less

21 hours ago

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Bob Wolfhad a good time.......Glen got very creative and it went well.........now gotta work on rifle a bit..........12 hours ago   ·  1
Drew WhitingOTW21 hours ago   ·  1

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The weather looks good for Sat afternoon. So...3GUN match is on for Sat Feb28th. Registration at 11:30am, first shots at noon. Cost is $15.00. May need some help to staple targets as want to wait until weather looks good. Glen and Eric ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Bob WolfCarlie 10:30 should be good for putting up targets............23 hours ago
Carlie HendersonWhat time would you guys need help putting up targets?23 hours ago
Gary AluBummer, too late for a visit from Vegas.2 days ago

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It's back... Friday Night Practice!

This is intermediate to advanced practice, led by pros, but all are welcome!

6PM Friday Night under the lights.

No cost, donations welcome (all go to the range).

Handgun Mastery Wed will be entirely Intro to Handgun going forward. Intermediate and higher will move to Fridays.

One Friday a month (usually the 1st) Ken will offer Intro to Handgun Competition. And most Friday's we will also have a Carbine or Shotgun practice running as well. It will be announced prior.

So put it on your schedule starting Friday March 6th.
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2 days ago

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Drew WhitingYES!!! #FridayNightLights2 days ago   ·  1

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3 Gun Match Update -
It is forecasted to rain this weekend. I will post something on this site by noon tomorrow Fri 27FEB2015 to let you know if the 3 Gun match scheduled for Sat Feb 28th is on.

Glen and Eric
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3 days ago

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Gary AluThings are looking pretty nasty for Vegas and St. George. Next weekend looks very promising :-)2 days ago

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We had a good turn out of very focused ladies tonight at our Handgun Mastery clinic. Sorry but picture with Shara/Sheri/Donovan/Taylor did not turn out. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Sheri GrantOur pic was EPIC :'(3 days ago

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Tuesday Night Steel results are posted>
Donovan Montross- Overall, Production
Kent Forbush- Senior
Bob Wolf- Super Senior
Brian Nelson- Top Junior, Limited
Kimber Dunn- Top Lady
See you all at the next TNS match!

Your dedicated match directors,
Glen Wong, Chris Bain , Kimber Dunn
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4 days ago

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What should we do after shooting a major 3 Gun Match? Shoot another one! The SUPS 3GUN match is scheduled for Saturday February 28th. Registration starts at 8:30am, with first shots at 9:00am.

We will be shooting modified stages 1,3,4 and 6 from the 3 Gun Nation Western Regional. Please note that there are 4 slugs required. Bring only 4 slugs if you feel confident (or lucky!)

Approx Round Count:
Pistol- 58 Rifle- 84 Birdshot- 58 Slug-4

Glen Wong, Eric Stidham
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4 days ago

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Gary AluRain or Shine?4 days ago   ·  1
Southern Utah Practical Shooting RangeNot sure gary Stay in touch4 days ago
Gary AluRain is no big but I see evening falls to 31F and I need to get back to Vegas :-)4 days ago

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Call for Staff for Berry's Steel Open
2nd weekend of April

Earlier I sent a note asking for design/build help. We got great support, and now have owners for the 12 par-time or Tuesday Night Steel type stages for the Berry's Open.

We now need to staff those 12 and another 6 Steel Challenge stages that are the same all over the world.

We will run an RO training course in the middle of March (exact dates TBD). It will be two nights - one a classroom part, one a practical exercise at TNS running shooters. So don't worry if you aren't fully schooled in how to run shooters, we will get you ready.

You will shoot the match, for free, Thu 1/2 day and Friday all day. And then RO on Sat and Sunday.

Experience as a TNS or Practical Shooting competitor is a good idea. Although not necessary for helping to score (run the PractiScore iPad).

RSVP to kn@kennelson.com, or PM or comment.

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4 days ago

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Clif OramKen, I signed up a while ago to RO the match, is that still valid?4 days ago   ·  2
Drew WhitingOfficially just scheduled vacation for the 9th and 10th... So I'm in.4 days ago   ·  2
Sheri GrantI'm in4 days ago   ·  3

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Handgun Mastery Wednesday February 25th 6:00pm-8:30pm

Yes, time for Handgun Mastery Wednesday!

PLEASE RSVP as we are limiting the Intro to Handguns to 10 shooters for maximum learning experience with optimum instructor/student ratio. Intermediate and Intro to Competition is not limited in size but we still need your RSVP. RSVP on this Facebook notice, or email Glen at azgunner2010@gmail.com or text to 480 570-1086. Please indicate if you need to borrow a gun (22 cal). Please see note below regarding other guns for you to try below.

Our Handgun Mastery Wednesday clinic are for new shooters (Intro to Handguns), Intermediate (next level after basics under control), and those entering into the competition realm (Intro to Competition, holster is required). After you arrive, please check in and we will break out the group accordingly.

At the new shooter level (Intro to Handguns), we will teach you the fundamentals on how to shoot accurately and make you feel more comfortable with your gun. At the Intermediate level, you will cover topics like target transitions, the draw, and attaining fast splits. At the Intro to Competition level, we will cover topics such as what is a stage, the rules, the commands, cover movement, reloads stationary and on the move, and start shooting actual stages. All three levels are designed to improve your skills while having a great time! There are no restriction on the number of times you may attend. Many return to refresh or further enhance their techniques!

Our range does operate on donations. Recommended donation is $10 for Handgun Mastery Wednesday clinic.

Plan to come 15minutes early to register and get set up. Please bring your gun in cases or bagged, and unloaded. We have different 9mm guns available for you to try. You will need to bring your own 9mm ammo.

Most importantly, be ready to have fun!

We look forward to seeing you there!
SUPS Training Team
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5 days ago

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Malynda MadsenThat was an awesome class/experience! You guys are great! Plan on seeing more of us :)3 days ago   ·  2
Southern Utah Practical Shooting RangeShara Borden... Ken will be out of town. Glen - can we arrange for a 9mm and holster for her to use? She just has .45's - a bit much for now.4 days ago
Cabrina Baker HendersonI will be there and so will my daughter to intro to handguns5 days ago   ·  1
Drew WhitingI ❤️ the SUPS Training Team!5 days ago   ·  2
Sheri GrantI will be there4 days ago   ·  2
Shara BordenI will be coming for intermediate/intro to competition!4 days ago
Shara BordenI have a friend coming with me for into if there's room?4 days ago
Cabrina Baker HendersonChang of plans both my daughters and I will be there for intro to hand gun so count us for 34 days ago
Mikal MahoneyAny more room for tonight?4 days ago

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Rimfire Rifleman is moving to just Sunday's at 10AM. It's been popular, but most people have been coming on Sunday's, so we've let the people speak and Sunday morning it will be!

Feel free to share this on your timeline, or print the attached image and share it on bulletin boards or other places where people gather.

It's a .22. match for the gun in your closet or safe, nothing special needed. Just good family shooting fun.
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5 days ago

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Ross LevitzLame! Can't make it Sunday's :(5 days ago
Southern Utah Practical Shooting Rangeit's $10 suggested, but we aren't fussy. Come shoot!16 minutes ago
Mikal MahoneyIs it 10 dollars a person?17 minutes ago

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The Stage is Set, Are You?

The next SUPS Tuesday Night Steel event is scheduled for Tuesday February 24th, 2015 3:00 - 6:00. This match is open squadding so if you arrive by 6:00 pm, you should be able to finish.

With Daylight Savings shift, we are now dark by 6:00. We have converted over to the bays with lights. We will run 2 stages in the Big Bay, 1 stage in Bay 0 and 1 in Berry's Pavillon.

Please note time change

Come out and have fun shooting these fast paced stages. Bring 150 rounds (match will require <100, but 150 will allow you to reshoot as necessary, participate in an after match drill/challenge, or to reshoot stages after the regular match).

Check in to register with range staff, BEFORE you go to you 1st stage.

Special Note Regarding Brass:
This is not a lost brass match so please feel free to pick up your brass or an equivalent number of brass that you shot. PLEASE LEAVE THE REST FOR OTHERS AND/OR THE RANGE STAFF.

* When you check in with Range Staff, pay your $10 match fee and he will squad you.
* iPads and timers will be at each stage (they stay on the stage and do not travel with the squad)
* When your squad gets to the stage confirm that the iPad is on the correct stage and select your squad.
* If a squad member is missing, sync with the
MASTER iPad only. Please DO NOT enter
names yourselves on the Stage iPads.
* After you shoot, CONFIRM that your time has been recorded.

Several Items to Note:
* 1st time to TNS? Match fee is $5 (just to get you hooked)
* Only the first time through score will be recorded as match score. If you want to shoot it a second time, please be sure there is not a squad of shooters waiting or shoot it after you complete all stages. Do not delay your squad.

Please spread the word about SUPS and TNS! We would love to get more shooters out!

Start time is targeted for 3:00pm, but if the stages are ready before then, you may shoot then. If you can assist with finalizing the stages, please come around 2:30pm. If you can prep your gun (oil) and preload your mags before you arrive, that will save you time to gear up and you can start shooting that much faster. Expect to shoot right AFTER you sign in. If you are a new shooter to TNS, please see one of the TNS Match Directors.

The cost for the event is $10. Additional donations to the range are welcome and help to support matches like these and other community service events.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you would like to be added to the email distribution list, please send an email to: azgunner2010@gmail.com.

Your dedicated TNS Match Directors,
Glen Wong, Chris Bain, Kimber Dunn
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6 days ago

AMAZING sponsors for 3 gun nation shooters. Barnes Bullets gave away $24,000 in ammo. All the sponsors are awesome. ... See MoreSee Less

7 days ago

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Richard Synovec\m/7 days ago
Jeremy Alan DunnThat is an EPIC prize table! Nice job Ken Nelson and helpers!7 days ago

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