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Recent match experience with STI GP6-C

I had occasion to use an STI GP6-C pistol in an IDPA match this weekend.  It is a DA/SA pistol, in 9mm, that my son mainly uses. I decided to try it, and found that I liked it quite a … Continue reading

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3-gun Benelli for sale or trade

Dad gave me permission to post this: Dad and I are getting into 3-gun more, so we’re looking at getting a shotgun that kicks a bit less. My dad’s had 20+ concussions, so our recoil-operated Benelli will literally knock him … Continue reading

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Perfect, Timed, Practice makes Perfect

Tim Tucker and Brian have been working together for a couple months now.  Tim is a great coach: knowledgeable, patient and helpful.   Brian’s made great strides.  How?  Lots of dry fire and LOTS of live fire. Today we burned about … Continue reading

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Slow motion bullet impact video


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Tips from Dave Sevigny

Super Squad – 2009 Limited 10 Nationals The Super Squad were super hard workers Dave Sevigny offers useful match day tips in this article. The performance tips are good ideas, but what I really noticed was the “good competitor” … Continue reading

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Profile of Practical Shooting on TV

The sports segment of an Oregon Fox network station did this awesome profile on our sport,

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Major support for concealed carry

A new Zogby poll shows major support for firearms ownership and also concealed carry. An overwhelming majority of Americans (83 percent) support concealed-carry laws, while only 11 percent oppose them. A majority of Independent voters (86 percent), Democrats (80 percent), … Continue reading

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Will Lend: Practical Pistol Books

Brian & I have a few books that have helped us get started in IDPA and IPSC/USPSA shooting.  We would be happy to lend them to you if are interested:   Practical Shooting– Beyond Fundamentals   Brian Enos   Practical … Continue reading

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Will Lend: Matt Burkett Practical Shooting Videos

I have the complete set of Matt Burkett videos’.  Brian & I have learned a lot from them.  The range from the basics  (Practical Shooting Volumes 1-3), to How to Shoot Faster, and the most useful so far – How … Continue reading

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First Impression: Kimber Desert Warrior

My son has been yakking at me non-stop about having a “single stack” option for IPSC and a CDP option for IDPA shooting.   He did a ton of research and finally decided the Kimber Desert Warrior fit his desire for … Continue reading

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